“These Emoticons help understanding the other person the present feeling even without typing that..awesome..!!” Karina Sharma
"Facebook Emotions are the best way to show your expression even being mute...!!!love it..!!” Karla
"These Emotions are just awesome , just a single click to express yourself” Neel
”Cool! Finally! Thank you for working with Facebook and vise versa and adding some character to our status messages!” Sherry Thompson
”thank you very much :D im going to spread this to all of my friends” nathan lampa
”It's really great.. I really wanted to add up some color to my comments and this helped me a lot <3” Rosey Saleh
”I now have a wide list to choose simileys from” Taha Suhail
”Very easy to use! Works great! Thank you” Lollie Townsend

Emoticons for Facebook

Add a tiny emoticons keyboard while typing an comment on facebook. Just click on the comment input field and you will see a little keyboard under the comment box. Add emoticons icons to your comments in one click only. Have fun :)
This is the first chrome extension that adds emoticons keyboard to your facebook comments window.
Its works as Browser extension that will sync with all your computers Every Facebook user that use emoticons in his content.

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